Indian cooking involves using a lot of oil and spices which gives rise to smoke and grease.

These particles are harmful and injurious to our lungs if inhaled regularly for a long time; they can cause a variety of diseases like cough, bronchitis, and allergy. It is dangerous for people suffering from asthma or other heart diseases.

The kitchen area is prone to a lot of pollution. we are already suffering from outdoor pollution every day and it is essential that we keep our indoor air pollution-free. And chimneys help us with that.

A kitchen chimney absorbs heat, smoke, oil, and grease to make your kitchen clean and odor-free. It keeps your kitchen hygiene, prevents walls from getting darkened, and also reduces the temperate inside the kitchen.

But how to choose the best kitchen chimney suiting your kitchen conditions? what brand to select?

There are many kitchen chimney brands and models with different capacities, sizes are available in the market. So, it’s challenging to know which kitchen chimney is best for your requirements.

Buying a chimney that can’t match your exact needs is a waste of your money, time. To select the right product, you need the required product suitability knowledge.

In this blog, we help you make sense of all those kitchen chimneys and find out what’s suitable for your kitchen conditions.


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